Serious Illness Resources
Serious Illness Resources
Serious Illness Resources
Serious Illness Resources

Benesch provides programs and resources to assist you during a serious health condition.

Medical Plan participants are eligible to participate in the following programs to assist with managing serious health conditions. These programs can help ensure you’re getting high-quality and cost-effective care:

Other Conditions

  • Virtual Chronic Condition Care: Use the convenience of virtual care options to more easily stay on top of chronic condition management.
  • Case Management: Call 888-662-0939 to discuss treatment options, understand the health plan’s coverage, and connect to resources. This is an especially useful resource if you have a complex medical need, are not making progress in your care plan, or have received repeated denials for claims.
  • 24/7 Nurse Line: Call 800-337-4770 for advice on what to do next and connect with the right provider.
  • Why Anthem May Be Calling: Anthem sometimes calls to direct you to the right programs for your health condition.

Additional Support

In addition, all eligible employees may participate in the following benefits which also support serious health conditions:

  • Leaves of Absence: Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, and Family Care leaves are available to eligible employees to provide time off work to deal with a serious health condition.
  • Mental Health Support: Up to 12 free counseling services and mental health resources are available per year if you need assistance dealing with a personal health concern through Lyra.
  • Critical Illness Insurance is available to enroll in during Open Enrollment so that in the event of a serious health condition diagnosis for certain illness such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke, you have extra financial support.
  • Navigating Care Complexities: Help for dealing with you or a loved one’s diagnosis or hospitalization, and resources that address the most common, complicated, and confusing health care and caregiving issues.
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