Aging Love One Support
Aging Love One Support
Aging Love One Support
Aging Love One Support

Supporting an aging loved one can be challenging, rewarding, and stressful.

This is why we offer Homethrive as a fully covered benefit. Homethrive reduces the work, worry, and stress for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones.

You may want to tap into Homethrive if you:

  • Have questions about Medicare
  • Need help dealing with a new diagnosis or hospitalization
  • Need to find caregiver resources while you’re at work or living out of state
  • Just need a caregiving expert to provide guidance
Homethrive offers:
  • Resources that address the most common, complicated, and confusing issues caregivers face
  • Answers to your questions from caregiving experts
  • Personalized recommendations for any product or service that your loved one may need
  • One-on-one support via calls, texts, emails, or virtual meetings

If you haven’t already, start your journey at (registration code: Benesch).

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