Eye Med

You can protect your eyesight and stay on top of your care with our vision plan

When you select vision coverage, you and your covered dependents may receive:

  • Eye exam once per calendar year
  • Full or partial cost of eyeglasses and frames every year
  • Full or partial cost of contacts every year

Plus, once you’ve used your EyeMed Vision Care benefit, you can save 20% off a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses with in-network providers.

The EyeMed Plan uses a broad-based network of providers. Click here to locate an eye doctor in the Insight Network.

Please note: If you enroll in coverage, it is effective on the first of the month following hire date.

See Savings with Eye360

Eye360 provides enhanced benefits when you visit a PLUS Provider—a select group of providers in the EyeMed network. Eye360 offers:

  • $0 copay eye exams and the ability to get new lenses, frames or contacts every 12 months
  • Additional $50 frame allowance, giving you a $250 allowance total
  • A streamlined experience—no coupons, no promo codes

Check to see if your eye doctor is an Eye360 PLUS Provider. If not, you may consider changing providers for the added benefits.

Log On to EyeMed

  1. Visit and select the Insight Network.
  2. Register using your member ID or the last four digits of your social security number. (You’ll get an email asking to confirm your account.)
  3. Finish setting up your new account with your email address and a password.

EyeMed Plan Summary

PLUS Provider
Up to $40
Benefit Frequency
Once every 12 months
Once every 12 months
Once every 12 months
Once every 12 months
Single Vision Lens
Up to $30
Bifocal Lenses
Up to $50
Trifocal Lenses
Up to $70
$0 Copay; $250 allowance, 20% off balance over $250
$0 Copay; $200 allowance, 20% off balance over $200
Up to $140
Contact Lenses
Medically Necessary
$0 Copay; Covered in full
Up to $300
Conventional: $0 Copay; $200 allowance, 15% off balance over $200
Disposable: $0 Copay; $200 allowance, 100% of balance over $200
Up to $200

Plan Monthly Rates

Coverage Monthly Rate
Employee $9.18
Employee + Spouse $18.34
Employee + Child(ren) $17.43
Employee + Family $27.39
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